Conserve Utah Valley

is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to protecting and sustaining the treasured canyons, foothills, open spaces, and waters of Utah Valley.  Conserve Utah Valley seeks to work collaboratively with all levels of government, the business community, and individuals to preserve spaces that add so much to our quality of life.

We collaborate with

representatives from City and County governments, businesses, the Forest Service, conservation organizations, commercial developers and individuals to create dialogue and gain support on preservation issues.


As Bridal Veil Falls (in Provo Canyon) recently faced serious threats of commercial development, we realized that Utah Valley lacks a cohesive group to speak up on environmental conservation. Many of us who have worked on various conservation issues decided to formally organize in 2020. Our purpose is to influence public policy and laws, engage our neighbors in learning about conservation and encourage them to speak out on important issues.

Executive Board 

Adam Johnson

Executive Director

Carol-Lyn Jardine

Director, Marketing

Tim Whipple

Secretary / Treasurer

John Bennion

Susan Christensen

Director, Volunteer Outreach

Kaye Nelson

Director, Public Dialogue

Angela Mourik

Director, Public Dialogue

Merritt Norton

Director, Conservation Projects

John Bennion

John Bennion

Director, Research

John Bennion

Derrek Wilson

Director, Policy

Advisory Board

Lance Long


Kristina Davis

Tamara Pace Thompson


Student Interns