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New Study on Utah Lake

One of the biggest misconceptions about Utah Lake is that it's getting worse. Check out this new study by BYU master's student Kaylee Tanner. Using NASA's Landsat data, she and her team reconstructed 40 years of algal activity on the lake.  They found that blooms have...

Lake Restoration Solutions Serves Subpoena to Conserve Utah Valley

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 3, 2022   Lake Restoration Solutions Serves Subpoena to Conserve Utah Valley   Conserve Utah Valley was served a subpoena in the SLAPP lawsuit filed against Ben Abbott PhD, a researcher on Utah Lake water quality and advocate for...

Utah Lake Summit Questions

At the Utah Lake Summit a couple of weeks ago, attendees were able to ask questions to the presenters online. Because of time constraints, most of the questions remained unanswered. However, since then we have been reaching out to the presenters to obtain answers to...

Utah Lake island application draws questions and criticism from across the country

Independent experts and advocates from across Utah and the country have raised a long list of concerns about the proposal to create artificial islands on Utah Lake. More than 130 researchers, managers, lawyers, and community leaders submitted six separate letters to...

Utah Lake Summit II Recap

The last Utah Lake Summit was a huge success! We are so grateful for everyone who attended and especially for those who presented. We learned a lot about the current conditions of Utah Lake and how we are on a great track for recovery. I was inspired as I learned...

Smith Family Archaeological Preserve Tour

I got to go tour the Smith Family Archaeological Preserve on Saturday and had a great experience. The preserve was created in 2013 when the Smiths deeded nearly 200 acres of land to the Archaeological Conservancy. This protects the land from being sold or developed.  ...

Please Continue to Share the Don’t Pave Utah Lake Petition!

Hello all! It’s been an interesting winter! We are grateful that Rep. Keven Stratton sponsored and worked diligently to get H.B. 240 passed in the legislative session. This bill amends H.B. 272 from 2018. There was constant monitoring, meeting with policy makers, listening, additional changes and waiting (so much waiting!) as we watched it move through the process. We are grateful we were heard and that much needed transparency and tighter guidelines are now in place.

Utah Lake: An Ecosystem in Recovery

Utah Lake is on the road to recovery. After 50 years of dedicated research and restoration, we are seeing many signs of improvement. It is resilient. It has endured nutrient overloads, algal blooms, invasive species, and rapid population growth. Further progress depends on our ability to listen and learn together.

Lake Restoration Solution’s paid advertisements deserve a C for effort but a D for content

I’ve been reading articles and seeing billboards from the company that wants to put islands in Utah Lake—Lake Restoration Solutions. Recently, the CEO, Jon Benson, paid the Tribune, KSL, and other TV, radio, and social media outlets to publish a persuasive article about what his company claims they will do for Utah Lake. (See the full paid advertorial in The Salt Lake Tribune)

Fundraising materials show primary objective of islands is for revenue generation, not restoration

The people behind the proposal to build the world’s largest dredged islands in Utah Lake describe themselves as conservationists. However, recently revealed fundraising materials from the group tell a different story.

CUV Podcast: Utah Lake Update

CUV’s 2022 Focus: Don’t Pave Utah Lake

In the arid, high-dessert of Utah Valley, Utah Lake is critical to our climate and a feature that makes this mountain valley one of a kind. As stewards of this precious resource, it’s up to all of us to commit to long-term, responsible restoration of the lake. Check out our podcast for more information on the issues surrounding Utah Lake and steps that you can take to help.


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Whether you are just learning about conservation or you have been working to preserve our open spaces and water for decades, CUV has volunteer opportunities for you. With our Street Rep program, the CUV Social Crew, or volunteering on a project basis, you can learn more about how to Get Involved here →

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