Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is an iconic public landmark, and recreational treasure that has played a role in the lives of Utah Valley residents for generations. In the not-so-recent past, the falls were the second most visited site in Utah, behind Temple Square in Salt Lake City. Conserve Utah Valley would like to see the area designated as a state monument, which would provide additional resources for maintaining the area and providing public amenities.

Recent efforts to privately develop Bridal Veil Falls threatened to detract from its beauty and make parts of the falls only accessible to a select few.

Thanks to overwhelming public opposition and the quick actions of the Utah County Commission, future development of the property around the falls was restricted through a conservation easement written by Utah Open Lands.

On January 6, 2021, the developer who wanted to purchase the falls filed a lawsuit to have the conservation easement nullified due to alleged procedural errors. However, as of January 26, he has withdrawn the lawsuit, leaving the conservation easement intact.

Help Us Establish a State Monument

Conserve Utah Valley has been pursuing two ways to keep Bridal Veil Falls protected: Defending the conservation easement and making the area a state monument. Now, the conservation easement is safe, so our efforts are focused on designating the area as a state monument.

We ask the County Commission to request that the falls be designated as a state monument. As a state monument, the falls will benefit from state resources and expertise, which would help to enhance public amenities and keep the area pristine.

Following efforts from state legislators and the Conserve Utah Valley board, a bill to designate Bridal Veil Falls as a state monument has been proposed. The designation will require the support of the Utah County Commission.

Bridal Veil Falls merits state monument status. The accessibility and iconic beauty of the falls make it one of the state’s most visited sites. Bridal Veil Falls has been enjoyed for generations, is beloved today, and ought to be preserved for generations to come.

We thank the County Commission for their previous efforts to protect the falls, and we ask them to continue in their commitment by requesting state monument status for the falls.

Add your name to help us in our efforts to protect the falls. You can also help by emailing the County Commissioners.

Commissioner Bill

Commissioner Amelia Powers Gardner

Commissioner Tom Sakievich

Photo by Riley Nelson

Public Input

CUV needs your voice to help guide the long-term plans for Bridal Veil Falls. While it is protected by a conservation easement, there are still questions for the future of the area. A group has been tasked by the State of Utah to do a study of the Falls area and get public input – hopes and wishes for what the area should include. Options include making it a state monument or park. Below is a link to participate in the survey. The survey is the start of the Public Engagement effort which is critical and why you need to act now. Please share it with anyone you know who is interested in Bridal Veil Falls. Do not delay, THIS SURVEY WILL CLOSE OCT. 4, 2021! Please send the link/QR code to others you know who love Bridal Veil Falls – put it on your social media accounts, email it to friends and neighbors, etc.

Bridal Veil Falls Update

The Utah State Parks Department is completing a short feasibility study of Bridal Veil Falls and will report back to the legislature this fall with a report evaluating whether it should be a state park or a state monument. 


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