Upon the establishment of the Utah Lake Authority (ULA), Conserve Utah Valley members met with all ULA board members to introduce CUV, offer assistance with initiatives, and call for transparency and public involvement. We met with ULA members and learned about them and the constituents and groups they represent. ULA members said they are open to collaborating on projects going forward. These projects range from promoting events to hosting shoreline cleanups and trail building projects.

A core belief of Conserve Utah Valley is that the government should operate transparently and engage the public on decisions. We shared our request that each member works to ensure transparency with all meetings and processes within the Utah Lake Authority. We explained how other authorities in Utah, such as the Inland Port Authority, did not start out on the right foot and how the ULA should be an example to other Authorities. Utah Lake is a critical resource for the community, so we believe the community should have a voice in decisions regarding it. 

Almost every member agreed that transparency ought to be top priority for the ULA. This gives us hope for the future of Utah Lake. ULA members said that they want what is best for the lake and their organization or city in relation to the lake.

As Conserve Utah Valley, we are committed to working with the ULA and holding them accountable to the public.