Take Action: Write a letter to your state representatives (sample linked below)

Background: Conserve Utah Valley has been focused on helping gather public input and participate in dialogue with city, county and state elected officials on the future of Bridal Veil Falls. In November 2021, we spoke to the Utah House of Representatives Interim Committee of Natural Resources, Agriculture & Environment about our involvement in the preservation of Bridal Veil Falls. We appreciated the invitation from Rep. Kevin Stratton, and the work that the State Division of Parks has dedicated to determining a recommendation for the future of the Bridal Veil Falls Area. Conserve Utah Valley supports the legislature looking for a designation that allows the public to access it without a fee.

Who You Should Write: It’s important to write to as many reps and senators as you can. While several items are local, all reps and senators will be voting on bills so they need to hear from many people. Start with your representatives and then expand to others who cover Utah County districts.

It is easy to find the emails of each House Rep and Senator.

What You Include in Your Letter: We created a template to make this as easy as possible. Feel free to make it your own:

Click here for the Bridal Veil Falls Sample Letter

Thank you so much for your participation and help! This is a big “ask” but it’s why we formed this group – to have a network of like minded people guiding conversations. This is one of those moments in time we can make a difference!


Adam Johnson, Kaye Nelson and Brigham Daniels at the Utah State Capital, November 2021.